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By Dr. Malik S. Khan


Your Excellencies, United Nations, ambassadors, UN governmental missions, UN affiliated NGOs and agencies, non-affiliated NGOs, churches, synagogues, mosques, centers, temples, places of worship, organizations, seminar and conference centers, educational institutions, and individuals:

To all of those who have provided equal opportunity to all the human race as one family irrespective of race, gender, religion, denomination, ethnic origin, country, or region by supporting and publicizing the causes taken up by the United Nations, its agencies, and its NGOs, including International Day of the World’s Indigenous People, International Youth Day, International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition, International Literacy Day, International Day of Peace, International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, World Maritime Day, International Day for Older Persons, World Space Week, World Teachers’ Day, World Habitat Day, International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction, World Mental Health Day, World Food Day, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, United Nations Day, World Development Information Day, Disarmament Week, International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict, International Day for Tolerance, Africa Industrialization Day, Universal Children’s Day, World Television Day, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, World AIDS Day, International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, International Day for Disabled Persons, International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development, International Civil Aviation Day, Human Rights Day, International Migrants Day, and many others:

We are very thankful for the Internet information highway, which lets us send you email and receive from you and share information with you all instantaneously.  You have provided us an opportunity to email you this request.  We are very thankful to DPI, ECOSOC, UNICEF and other agencies and to the NGO office of the UN for providing us information through their publications on how to reach you.

We the people, the human family, today have a duty as the descendants of the first man and wife who were established by the Almighty into the habitat of Earth as the crown of creation and vicegerent on Earth, to take care of and preserve the integrity and the sovereignty of the Almighty, Who has created the plant and the animal kingdoms as well as immense inanimate resources.  We will be answerable on the Day when we meet our Creator for what we have done for world peace and for the love of humanity as one human family.  We have to live and let live.  We have to provide equal opportunity for every living being to live peacefully in its habitat as the Creator has created everything for the benefit of humankind.

Thank you for your response. May God give you rewards for doing the dynamic job to observe the UN special days around the globe.  We are proud to share and promote your observance and for your providing us this opportunity to carry on the observances worldwide. The UN is committed to these causes with its resolutions and future resolutions.  The UN will provide equal opportunity to everybody and do justice for all.

How can we celebrate the UN special days?  They are not just one day to concentrate on a worthy cause but a lifetime event for us to provide cooperation and assistance to the United Nations to enhance its work for the betterment of humanity. We want  to carry on the message of the United Nations to every corner of the globe by working on all international issues.  We should not devote just one day to any cause, but work throughout the year.  One should commit to and work for the United Nations program or programs with which one chooses to be involved.  The United Nations is committed to world peace with justice.  It has worked for these goals for more than 50 years and will continue to do so.  Let this be the occasion of your making a resolution, or renewing a resolution, for dedicated action in the years to come.  We as an NGO are committed and will continue our work with our beloved United Nations.

We have to make seminars, symposia, conferences, to go on television, to write articles in magazines and newspapers, to have international interfaith dialogues, community-level dialogues in search of peace and the other global worthy causes.  We have to bring together the two members of the human family who are not now at peace with each other to look for solutions to their problems.  Please provide us a report on what your organization has done and is doing regarding this.

We have to bring and establish an association of freedom of religion or belief and educate people in religious and racial tolerance.  What kind of commitment do we have to enforce and enhance a new, corrected social order?  To find new avenues to bring human values in a manner that will prevent war and acts of terrorism and achieve long-lasting peace? 

We must find worldwide human rights issues and find ways how we can promote and protect human rights.  How can religious and nonreligious NGOs work together effectively to make possible in society at all levels the prevention of discrimination against race, religion, national origin, and gender?  How can we establish global leadership?  Instead of criticizing one another’s scriptures and putting one another down, how can we bring common things to respect one another and be in peace and harmony with one another?  How can we establish this and promote it on the provincial, federal, regional and global levels?  How can we cooperate and coordinate with the governmental agencies and UN agencies to provide land rights to the indigenous people, equal housing to deprived community members, and establish peace and tranquility among the citizens of a community?  We all have to work in teamwork with the UN, whether we are NGOs, NGOs on the religious forums, ICASO, CONGO, or non-affiliated NGOs.  We must share education by providing everybody the information.  How can we work with the disarmament affairs regarding chemical weapons, prevention of illicit trade of weapons and weapons of mass destruction by bringing the communities to set aside their differences and come to a negotiating table and within the framework of the United Nations to work and implement the resolutions that had been passed?  How can we provide pragmatic education to make people skilled labor under training programs in conjunction with UN-approved programs?  We all must be committed to the United Nations summits, forums on sustainable development, communications and health, HIV and AIDS, and ECOSOC’s established policies and programs.  How can we eradicate poverty from the world?  How can we stop corruption?  How can we adopt guidelines provided by the United Nations to implement solutions to the above problems?  How can we share UN programs and implement them in religious bodies without destroying the parameters of culture and tradition?  How can we develop trade and business practices under globalization under UN globalization programs?  How can we peacefully use the space, scientific, and technological programs for the development of population?  How can we enforce better family planning?  How can we work with the biological diversity in preserving the heritage of beloved Earth?  How can we prevent crime and provide economic and social justice for all?  How can we provide checks and balances against financial, social, ecological, psychological, and intellectual abuse?  How can we make this world free of narcotics and abused substances?  How can we solve the problem of refugees and rehabilitate them to get them back on their feet?  How can we prepare all the communities of the world to face the reality of the 21st Century to work in harmony to establish long-lasting peace on Earth?  How can we light the way to the future by providing for our future, the children, through programs addressing children’s rights, child labor, child care and education, protecting children from violence, juvenile justice, detention as a last resort, health and nutrition, child participation in development and implementation of national plan of action, youth against war, combating commercial sexual exploitation of children, children’s environmental health, women’s leadership for children, dialogue with children, creating a world fit for children, global vaccination and immunization, protecting children during armed conflict, trafficking of women and children, discrimination against children?  How can we honor the aged – who we will one day become – by developing solutions regarding:  aging people to get equal benefits, providing health facilities, and providing equal employment opportunity?  We will observe such designated days and serve you.  We are preparing special articles on each subject individually for your perusal and use.

We humbly request you to approach your UN-affiliated NGO to provide full cooperation to enhance its work.  Let us work as a team as it is our duty as an NGO.   Please indicate what your organization is doing.  How can we all work together?  Please provide us the information so we can share your dynamic views and achievements with others.  Please provide us problems and solutions that you can describe in the best manner, and what you are doing about it.  What are the positive actions within your means that you can do?  What valuable assistance can you provide to humanity?  It is the duty of all NGOs to bring to the attention of the UN what the pros and cons of different conferences and symposia are, what they have achieved, or if the goal was not achieved why not?  On whom does the responsibility lie?  Why is the world’s major population segment not participating?  What are the stumbling blocks?  How can we provide in each conference a say for everybody so they may come to a negotiating table and not only achieve peace but work together to solve all the problems and conflicts? 

We are thankful to those who have provided this opportunity and brought it to our attention to promote betterment of the world.  We think the UN is the right body through which to accomplish this.  Thanks to those who provided direction and support for these tasks. Their good names don't need any introduction. They are also receiving positive results from around the globe, and people are sharing information with everyone and are sending their commitment.  Everybody is supporting the United Nations initiatives.

Please send us your worthy causes that you would like to stand for that the UN is trying to do for humanity.  We all have to work together and put the best efforts to launch worldwide goals for humanity, and passing on this information to every corner of the globe is the process of “millionization”. 

Kindly approach through the Internet the UN websites of DPI, ECOSOC, UNICEF, all UN agencies, peace movements, NGOs, and worldwide UN offices and share this information among people so we may achieve the dynamic goals of the United Nations. Here are some important websites from which you can seek information and share with people who may not have Internet access.  You may fax or mail them whatever information you choose to download.

The United Nations: .  From here there are links to all the UN bodies.  Please go to the website and find links to worldwide United Nations activities. Some of the major links are:

Department of Public Information NGO Section:  www.un.or g/dpi/ngosection/index.html or

Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA):

United Nations Population Fund:

CONGO (Conference of NGOs):

Organization of the Islamic Conference:



Human Rights:

UN Environmental Programme (UNEP):

UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention:

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD):

World Food Programme (WFP):

United Nations Development Programme:

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO):

World Health Organization (WHO):

Pan-American Health Organization:

United Nations Information Center, Washington, DC:

The UN has worldwide offices, especially at New York, Geneva, and Vienna.  The UN has magazines and many kinds of publications.

Please look at our websites, ,, and .

Dr. Malik Sardar Khan

Permanent Representative at the United Nations of World Muslim Congress and Secretary-General of World Council of Muslim Communities