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Dr. Malik Sardar Khan



The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was formed by the Muslims under their great and dynamic leader, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, as the first modern state established on the basis of Islam.  The first Muslim state of all was formed in Madinah by the Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.S.) In fulfillment of the prediction in old scriptures and in the Bible that there will be a prophet whose name will be Ahmed, who will have a government, law, and book.  The state was one in which religion and state were together.  That very state, continued in one form or another, and the Islamic states worldwide today, contain the majority of the worlds one billion, four hundred million Muslims.  Approximately 55 Muslim majority states exist today in the world, though not all of them are fully and completely governed by Shari`ah  - Islamic law - a set of laws enforcing the highest moral values and protecting the states citizens from corruption.

The non-Islamic world today has many problems, such as the epidemic of AIDS, drug abuse, abuse of children and women, and lack of equality.  The solutions are available in the Islamic environment.  Even if the Christians and Jews were to follow the teachings of their prophets and their holy books, they would be well off or better off and would be in a better position to solve their problems and save the world.  The vehicle in which one travels needs controls and brakes to have a smooth and safe ride.  Shari`ah constitutes the controls and brakes that enable people to live peacefully and harmoniously in a smooth society with good government.  Those parts of the world in which society is not tempered by moral values have seen chaos, especially in the Communist part of the world.

Even though Islam is the most misunderstood religion in the West, the one billion, four hundred million Muslims in the world have proven that Islam is a simple, most appealing religion.  Every other religion has a growth rate around 5%.  Islam, on the other hand, is the fastest growing religion on Earth.  In the 1930's there were around three hundred fifty million Muslims in the world.  A growth rate of roughly 265% has resulted in the one billion, four hundred million Muslims in the world today.