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In Refutation of Falsities against the Noble Person of Dr. Abdullah Nasseef, the Secretary-General of International Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief (IICDR)




Dr. Malik Sardar Khan




As one of the brightest jewels of the Saudi nobility, keeping his familial traditions of paramount profile of public service alive, Dr. Abdullah Nasseef has been playing highly constructive roles in consolidating the Muslim society and serving the human élan. With his personal ingenuity and humanitarian passion, as combined with spruce character and mutual cordiality, he was able to win the hearts of the people. As an administrative genius, with high planning caliber and strategic application, he is among the most sophisticated negotiators.

Yet some jealous and evil elements have been leveling accusations of callousness, anti-Semitism, dubiousness, administrative laxity, and undesirable relations. As totally baseless and false, all these assaults demand strong refutation, both to bring out the truth and to protect the innocent.




As regard the attitude of callousness, nothing can be farther from the verity, since the demonstrated episodes speak for themselves. As a matter of fact, Dr. Nasseef is a very compassionate, kind, and soft-hearted person. He is widely known and respected for his humanitarian leanings. Only one example will suffice to illustrate the heights of his clement behavior and efforts. In the wake of the secession of the Province of Bengal from the nation of Pakistan to become the separate state of Bangladesh, countless Behari Muslims were killed, while many more were wounded or became sick. Millions of those who were still alive were homeless and penniless, with no proper food and/or shelter. Hopelessly stranded in the ceded territory with no place to go and nobody to turn to, objects of pitilessness and mercilessness, existing in miserable and destitute conditions, in a state of fear and despair, they were the constant targets of threats and violence. Stateless and statusless, with no political or legal recourse, painful clouds of uncertainty were chronically hovering over their heads.

Under these extremely aching and difficult circumstances, it was Dr. Abdullah Nasseef came forward to alleviate their suffering and heal the wounds of separation by providing solace and comfort to them. By his single-handed diplomatic interventions, he was able to rehabilitate five million people to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and other countries. Simultaneously, he created the charity Rabita Trust to help these unfortunate and abused Behari men, women, and children. This way, he not only saved their lives, but gave them a prideful future.

These and such other deeds on the part of Dr. Nasseef are conceded praiseworthy in the annals of humanitarian affairs.




Similarly, the blame of anti-Semitism on Dr. Nasseef is absurd, as he has earnestly stood for interfaith dialogues, including between Judaism and Islam. Accordingly, he has been actively involved in the works of such organizations as the Parliament of the World’s Religions and the World Conference on Religions and Peace, has served on their boards ardently, and has made donations to their causes openly.

A special cooperative anecdote demonstrates well the depth of his zeal and commitment. In 1990, UNICEF held a conference at Princeton in observance of the “Year of the Child,” with a theme that “Bar Mitzvah and Circumcision” were barbarian acts. Having been alarmed, but relying on the constitutional guarantees of religious freedom, both Jews and Muslims got together to defend their spiritual rights, for which they commonly stood firm to straighten the issue. With their joint travails, the said resolution was soundly defeated, preserving the singular cause of the two Abrahamic religions. This occasion further strengthened the bond of closeness between the two peoples, which has since continued to flourish. Dr. Nasseef, along with his associates, played the pioneering role in maturing these exertions.

Furthermore, as a consequence of coordinative pursuits, side discussions around the Conference resulted in the creation of the World Council of Muslim Communities. With the thrust of continuance of interfaith dialogues to build bridges of amicable understanding among nations, without losing the momentum, this proved to be a very forceful move.

With untiring efforts of Dr. Nasseef (newly elected President) and Dr. Malik Sardar Khan (newly elected Secretary-General), this organization has been enthusiastically advancing the spirit of the Princeton cooperation.




Still, a dirty allegation has been made against this very entity also, concerning the mismanagement of funds. It has been accused of having an irregular income of $135,000 from “the companies.”

But, as the World Council of Muslim Communities has neither a bank account nor holds any shares in any enterprise in any form or at any place of the magnitude that has been mentioned in the complaint, the allegation fails at the face.

While they certainly are concocted assaults against a pious soul and a clean association, they should be considered as attempts to character assassinate good persons and suppress the working of sturdy institutions, constituting harassment on unfounded grounds.


Administrative Laxity


Equally unfortunately, but wrongly and oddly, Dr. Nasseef and his organization, the International Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief (IICDR) have also been attacked for administrative laxity and misdemeanor. However, this had been done for the sake of accusation alone, irrespective of the case.

Yet, to fathom the depth of this question, it must first of all be realized that prior to Dr. Nasseef’s advent, the Council was an ailing institution under his predecessor Sheikh Kamal Al-Sharif. Suffering from such malpractices as nepotism, exclusiveness, indiscipline, and incompetence, it was sinking rapidly into the abyss of infamy.

Indeed, it was because of these ills that Dr. Nasseef was called on to resuscitate the organization, ameliorate its health, strengthen it structure, revive its functions, rebuild its facilities, promote its amenities, restore its image, and re-establish its prestige.

Uphill as these tasks were, under the most difficult circumstances, only Dr. Nasseef was found to possess the qualities of rightful commitment, sufficient imagination, and outstanding ability to deal with the maladies.

Accordingly, Dr. Nasseef and his aides stood fast, to accept the challenges, reviving and renewing what was necessary. They retrieved old records from scattered sources, restored communication systems, reconstructed membership bases, reinvigorated functional capabilities, broadened areas of relationships, refurbished institutional programs, and ensured overall viabilities.

Thus, starting practically from scratch, to repair the damages and remove the infirmities, Dr. Nasseef had to reform the organization afresh, giving it a new lease on life. So putting the Council at the keel of exaltation and aggrandizement, he not only efficaciously fulfilled his mandates, but also properly institutionalized them for the perpetuation of their excellence. Indeed, it was his administrative genius that furnished the Council with essential buttresses, which it needed for its survival.

Undesirable Relations


Finally, Dr. Nasseef has cruelly and dubiously been accused of relations with Osama bin Laden and his organization Al-Qaeda. However, these allegations are not only absolutely false and absurd, but also entirely prima facie illogical. Since the Saudi king, His Royal Majesty Fahd bin Abdulaziz, had already stripped Osama of his Saudi citizenship, it was impossible that Dr. Nasseef, as a top Saudi official with one of the highest profiles, could ever be involved with Osama and/or his organization. Dr. Nasseef lived in a specially privileged world and did not mix with any sordid matters. As such, the mention of his involvement with any notorious activities could be nothing but a figment of imagination or simply a fabrication.




            All the above-mentioned shameful defamatory and slanderous perpetrations against the noble person of Dr. Abdullah Nasseef are not only morally wrong but legally are criminal offenses. Whereas Dr. Nasseef harbors no ill will against anyone and cherishes good wishes for everyone, he does have patent rights to protect himself from any assault on his person at any time anywhere.