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Lower blood pressure, fatigue, pain killer, heal the prostate, and prevent any abuse by diabetes to the body

By Dr. Malik Sardar Khan and Dr. Humaira Khan


This recipe must be followed strictly. Please take equal amount of all these ingredients.  Every ingredient should be a half pound except the tomatoes and must be all fresh: ginger, garlic, turmeric, onion, pinch of salt, olive oil. The turmeric must be washed with a brush to remove all the soil and sand.  Start grinding one by one all ingredients fry them all together keep on stirring this will become like a paste put one lb tomatoes and cook till oil starts oozing in paste. Take two to three tablespoons of this paste spread on whole wheat pita bread and put it in oven broiler to toast when paste starts giving oil the bread will become crispy. Ready to eat, it will Insha’a Allah lower HLDL cholesterol. It will heal any problems in the body. It is a blood thinner and pain killer. It will also prevent cancer. All known ingredients are necessary for health. All the ingredients are foods and have no side effects. They are known throughout the history of mankind. You will see that Tibb-e-Nabvi (Prophetic Medicine) reveals that for a healthy body, these ingredients have historically been used. Now today’s science and research has proven every one of these ingredients has medicinal value. Because ginger is acidic, and garlic is basic, when you cook them together it neutralizes and will save you from any complication and problems.

All your problems in four to five days will go away, but you have to continue to use this remedy twice a day to maintain.