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Diabetes herbal formula

By Dr. Malik S. Khan


All the pansari goods must be sterilized. Put a rack in a large pot. On the rack put a heavy small pot in which you have put the ingredients. Put a lid on the small pot. Add water to the big pot up to the height of the rack. Heat the pot so the water can turn to steam and sterilize all the ingredients which may have germs.



  1. Doda panir 1 lb

  2. Dry kerela (bitter gourd) 1 lb

  3. Ajwain (dill) quarter lb

  4. Sonf (fennel seed) 2 lbs

  5. Small ilaichi (cardamom) ½ chittank or at least 50-60 pieces. Has to be green, unboiled ilaichi

  6. Sund (dry ginger) = equal amount as ilaichi

  7. Dry jaman (jambolana) pits 1 lb

  8. Dry amla (Indian gooseberry) (the edible kind, cleaned from dirt) 1 lb. Take dry amla and grind it yourself, because the powdered amla available is not edible.

  9. Darchini (Cinnamon sticks) ½ lb

  10.  Jotanga (optional) (bitter, like kerela) If you find it, add it, but remember every bitter material which is edible has insulin.


After sterilizing all the above ingredients, grind them completely and sift them through a strainer. Even the seeds which are left behind must be ground with a powerful grinder or ground with a mortar and pestle; then put it in a blender to completely grind it into powder (sufoof). After grinding and sifting, you must keep a small amount in a bottle in the refrigerator, and the big amount must be put into the freezer. Take from the freezer into the small bottle as needed, but don’t keep more than a 30-day supply in the refrigerator. Take 1-2 tablespoons per day dose to give blood glucose reading of 90-110. Monitor your blood glucose regularly and adjust your dosage accordingly.


Please, if your sugar goes too much down, do not take refined sugar. Kindly take fruit juice or fruit, because the fructose in the fruit will not damage the system.


If your stomach can digest and eat easily green pepper, green pepper has insulin. That insulin also will regulate and maintain your sugar. So fresh green pepper can benefit you.


If you take 10 cinnamon sticks and boil them 1 hour in 4 cups of water, the beverage will keep your sugar lower, but you must drink 2-3 cups of it daily.


When you eat food, you must take into consideration the glycemic index of all foods that contain starches or sugars. Foods whose glycemic index of 55 or less are safe to eat. The blood sugar also goes up with stress and tension. Taking many showers and praying and doing wazifa lower stress and hence blood sugar.


Camel’s milk has an insulin index of 55-60%. If you drink 1-2 cups of camel milk a day, you can heal your diabetes.

In the early morning the patient must take 1 tsp. kalonji ground in olive oil in order to protect the kidneys, liver, and other body organs.


If you can find frozen or fresh amla, you can make juice out of it and drink a cup daily. You will be a normal sugar person. All the above-mentioned ingredients are natural and have no side effects. None of these can give you any trouble in your body.